Coming Up with Designs - Garden

Hello, fellow Turtlestitch coders! I hope everyone is keeping up with their designs! Something intriguing to me is how a design comes together from an idea to code. I recently made a "Garden" project , which was inspired by one of the paintings I made in 2013. The artwork has a large vibrant sun, some flowers, and soil, so I wanted to bring those elements together to create a small patch that would look nice on a T-shirt! Check out the slideshow below: Creating the design: Choosing the background color : I usually pick a color I think would go well with the theme of my artwork, but since my painting has a background color of blue, I wanted my project to have a blue background as well. Under the turtle icon on the top left corner, I click on "Default background color" and change the Hex color code to #1398b2. This is the website I use: . It is really cool because it allows us to choose any color and returns a Hex code for it.