What Culture/Pattern Inspires You?

After thinking about something to code, Ms. Ettenheim asked me what culture or pattern inspires me. I thought of bohemian designs: the various colors and the symmetrical patterns. This free-flowing design has a lot of remixed shapes and has a calming effect.

A lot of my photography is based on "bohemian designs" through crisp lines, colors, and symmetry:

I referred my bohemian code pattern to this image. Circles are used in-between to separate spirals from zig-zags. The spiral in the center of the linked image inspired the waves in my code, and the repetition in my code made the different patterns cohere.

Feel free to look at my code here.

This is the printed design! I chose to embroider with red thread over a light blue fabric to emphasize the pattern.

Is there a culture or pattern that inspires you?


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