Math Behind My Code

I was going through the "Newest Projects" section on the Turtlestitch website, and the Grinnell Logo code caught my attention. The code influenced me to make my university's logo.
Here is the link to my code.

I took Stony Brook's logo and made the background transparent on Photoshop, so I was able to see the grid around the actual logo. I then used the grid as a guide for the measurements and decreased the scale by two for the code. The stitches were then created until the distance was desired, as shown in the stitched figure below. To make the code simple, I knew the outline of the logo was symmetrical so as the turtle moves to the other side, I would duplicate the previous code and reorder the blocks. I kept the variables the same.

A lot of my code used the "thickLine 30 10 0.5" block. I changed these variables when I stitched the increasing width lines in the logo and the star. Here are the functions I learned after playing around with the numbers and experimenting it with my design:
- the 30 in the block represents the distance the turtle would move/ number of stitches
- the 10 in the block represents how wide the stitches would be
- the 0.5 in the block represents how far apart each stitch would be from each other

I also added in Stony Brook's abbreviations: SBU. I used the dimensions on the bottom right corner of the stage after stitching each letter to make them similar in size.

Here is the finished embroidered code! The first image is of the fabric with backing. I noticed it shriveled less than the stitching without backing. The backing also helped prevent a lot of the bobbin thread from appearing with the red thread!

Working on this code made me wonder: Were there any codes you made that required math?


  1. If you use a red bobbin thread, the white dots on the front would disappear. Another solution is the readjustment of the main thread tension. My choice would be the bobbin solution.


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