Using Operators On My Circle Code

I want to learn more about different blocks so I could add onto my old code, so I am starting with operators. I am planning on finding out what would happen if I replace most of my numbered values to operators.

The picture on the right was what happened when I replaced the second repeat variable with pick random 1 to 10. I guess the shape of the circle changed since the blocks inside the second repeat were the codes that created the circle, which appeared previously. The random amount of repetition prevented the turtle from creating a full circle and I find it really interesting.

The picture on the left looks like random zigzags across the stage. I believe this happened because most of my operators consisted of pick random _ to _ and they defined the turn clockwise _ degrees.

I think the pick random _ to _ is not good for creating a certain image because the outcome of the stitching varies each time the code runs.

What do you think would happen if I change the pick random 80 to 120 to pick random 10 to 20? What shape would repeat?
Code for the random zigzags


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