Paper Embroidery: Machine vs. Me

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Over the break, I worked on paper embroidery to determine my motion compared to the motion of the digital embroiderer.

I noticed the machine first sewed three circles and then continuously sewed three more circles that overlapped the last. When I sewed onto the paper, I didn't think of sewing the same way. I sewed circles that skipped after each other. With the holes I punctured onto the paper, I sewed a circle, and then I skipped over one circle and went for the next. This sounds confusing, but I am attaching a photo documentation of what I did and what the machine did!

What do you think causes the machine to embroider three circles in the first "layer"? Is it the code?

Machine's process:

My process:



  1. It's great to see this documentation in images. I was not sure about how you planned the process of sewing collaboratively with the machine. I really like your approach. If people are not familiar with sewing, they don't understand the different ways the thread is running through the textile when you sew by hand versus the machine does that. Your experiment explains this and you can compare it.
    But beside that i find your pieces are very artistic and poetic. My favorite one is the left one in the second last line. Take care of that specific art works.

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