Update: Meeting Ms. Getzendanner and New Project

On Wednesday, I met Ms. Getzendanner from Atlanta, Georgia who came to New York to attend a meeting and decided to stop by my school to see what I was currently working on. We exchanged our names and shared a few of our experiences with each other. I was pleased she asked me a question: how would you alter the thread color while stitching? I wasn't sure about the answer to the question, but I assumed the thread needed to be changed and a different code should be coded with the other color. I will be looking into that question next week! I had a great time meeting her, and I hope more people ask questions or leave feedback.
Currently, I am working on paper folding after coding on TurtleStitch, and I am printing it on a Silhouette Cameo printer. I am using it to look at three-dimensional structure and to see how the coding world relates to other academic fields such as architecture.


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