Connecting TurtleArt with TurtleStitch

This week, I studied variables and applied it to TurtleArt. I was able to look at a basic code from TurtleArt and from their code, I learned how to create a variable and define it. I wanted to create a box that was repeated while overlapping. I started by making my own block:

From the "box" block, I wanted the distance to increase each time it is repeated, so I turned made distance a variable. This was how my new code looked like (below); it was a success!

I was even able to alter it and make it rotate:

This made me wonder, like the petal code (from previous blog post), how would I make the stitches smaller, while keeping the distance the same? Please comment suggestions. Thank you!


  1. We made this but realized the stitches are too long to print so we were hoping you could help us :)

    1. I saw that there is allready a version of the pattern with smaller stitches. Here is another:

  2. Here's another code question similar to Brandon's question
    In this pattern, the center "chips" are not showing up as the pattern on the screen - they just appear as little knots in the embroidery.

  3. Think it is because of the small size. I imported it in the new Turtlestitch Version, where you can zoom in to better inspect the pattern.

  4. Look at this example where your Block "box" is dividing the stitches in smaller ones:


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