Tutorials on TurtleStitch

Happy New Year to all!

I am excited to share that my tutorials are finally put up on TurtleStitch! I am so proud of the work I have done last year, and it is amazing that my work is published online.

Through the two tutorials, stitching a line and stitching a circle, I hope it will encourage more people to code and understand the basic concepts of TurtleStitch. When creating these, I thought to myself, how can I make people who are new to the program understand how the blocks work?, so I made comments next to each block.

Here are the steps to get to the tutorials:
1) Go to http://www.turtlestitch.org/turtlestitch/
2) Go to Files
3) Click on "Open..."

4) Go to "Examples"
5) Click on a tutorial and "open"

What tutorial should I make next?


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