From the Computer to the Digital Fabricator

Here is my step-by-step guide on how to print your codes on the digital fabricator:
  1. After you finish coding, save your code onto the gallery
    • Go to "file"
    • Click on "upload stitch file"
    • Title your work and press "OK"
  2. Go to the gallery and click on the image of your code
  3. Under "Download as embroidery file," click on the file with "Tajima/DST - experimental!" and download it
    • If you would like to print out a 2-D image of it, under "Download as image file," click on the file with ".png" and print it
  4. Insert your USB flash drive and drag your downloaded .dst file into a folder designated to embroidery codes
  5. Eject your USB flash drive and connect it to the digital fabricator
    • Set up the fabricator (a new blog post for that will be up this week!)
  6. On the fabricator, tap on the USB symbol on the screen
  7. Tap on your folder name and then tap on your .dst file
  8. Tap on the Stitch button
  9. On the digital embroiderer, click on the green arrow to start stitching!


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