The Clear Block

I remember learning about the Clear block last year after I was frustrated trying to restart my TurtleStitch design after making a mistake. When I experimented with this block, my coding life became so much easier, really. With the Clear block, I was able to reset my project whenever I messed up with the commands of my sprite. After doing research on the block today, it clarified for me the purpose of the block. It is used to remove all the marks made by the stamps or pens and it is the only block the stage is allowed to use. I also realized that although it does seem as if the stage is back to its original setting, the arrow/turtle is still in the position it was left as right before it was cleared, so I use the go to x: 0 y: 0 block under the blue Motion blocks to bring the arrow back to where it started.
This is an example with the addition of the clear and the go to x: 0 y: 0 blocks to the previous project:


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