My Intentions

Hey, guys! The past year, I have been extremely involved with coding and I am planning on continuing it this year with an independent study class.

Throughout the year, I will
  • Establish an online design journal and have it shared to the public
  • Go through the SNAP manual and become acquainted with the basics of SNAP and SNAP resources
  • Create basic tutorials about the digital fabricator
  • Create basic tutorials about using the machine with TurtleStitch
This is the link to my Google Sites where I will post my designs.
I'm also attaching my Google Drive Folder link.
Image result for google drive Image result for google sites
I hope you guys follow me through my progress this year!


  1. I have used Scratch to make digital drawings. It is a great opportunity to play and create a lot of interesting patterns while having fun! The idea of transporting this drawings to the real word using stitches is amazing! I want to try this! Thanks for sharing!!


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