I'm Back! TurtleStitch in School

Hey all,

I am back with a new blog post! I completed my first year of college, and I am excited to dedicate my time with TurtleStitch this summer with Ms. Ettenheim. In her AP Computer Science Principles and Animation courses, and she utilizes TurtleStitch to teach code. After visiting those two classes when I got back from university, I noticed how engaged her students were with TurtleStitch. The ability to visualize a code and physically hold onto a piece of fabric eases coding for anyone wanting to learn how to code. In Ms. Ettenheim's "Debugging Code" lesson, her students were able to see and feel the stitching of a code. Students analyzed what was incorrect about the stitching. They then experimented with the code and corrected it. Seeing everyone engaged in TurtleStitch and willing to learn is exciting! I will continue to assist her classes until the end of the school year.

Problem: "The code repeats too many times: resulting in a thicker design"
Resolution: "Changing the 'repeat' input from 8 to 6"
Problem: "The orientation and the location of the second bone like shape is not correct"
Resolution: "To fix this an attempt could be made to determine the halfway point of the bone, then use that data"

Resolution: "For the first one you had to divide 360 by 6 instead of 8 and for the second you had to greatly decrease the move block"

This summer, I will continue to make new tutorial cards, and Ms. Ettenheim's students will incorporate what they learned into the cards as well!


  1. I would love to talk to anyone using Turtle Code in Classes. I would love to get some ideas of things to do in class. Gerri

  2. Hello Mme McCann - we'd love to connect! Where and what do you teach? You can email me at settenheim@erhsnyc.net or post here to Jennifer!


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