For the Future...

High school is over now, but it doesn't mean I won't find time to work on TurtleStitch. I am bringing TurtleStitch to college with me and here my hopes:
  • to bring together a group of university students to work on TurtleStitch
  • to visit schools with university students to teach students to use the program
  • to continue creating TurtleStitch cards - ones about creating other shapes, using various blocks, and questions I hope my peers would come up with as they are using the program
I hope to learn more about filling in my stitches, as I have encountered before, and using variables differently than I usually do to get the full function out of it. As I experiment more with TurtleStitch, I know there will be more I want to learn about. 

After the conference, it has inspired me to have TurtleStitch become an application. It would be great to optimize the site for the phone or tablet so many could bring it on the go, while they are travelling from place-to-place, or just to use it at a convenient time. There should be a feature to use the application offline and have it saved until the person can get online with the application.

TurtleStitch is expanding, and I'm excited to be apart of the community.


  1. It is great to have you as a part of TurtleStitch! There are plans to develop it for mobile phones, too. Beside of that i am looking forward what the upcoming year will bring. A lot of plans where made while Scratch conference in Bordeaux (as you know) and several collaborations are starting to get organised. Looking forward to hearing more from your activities! Hey - and all the best for your new learning environment. A


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