Hour of Code 12/14/16

The Hour of Code was a success! I loved meeting the students who were interested in coding. There was a session for paper embroidery and for digital embroidery.

In the paper embroidery station, a few students told me how it was "cool" that they could transfer a code onto paper, making it "3D." The code they sewed was the paw-print and it can be found here. 

In the digital embroidery station, the students used a computer for TurtleStich and then printed out the code on the digital embroiderer. There were two students who wanted to code a Rockets logo. When they first started coding and wanted the action of the block to repeat, they kept clicking on the mouse, but I told them that if they were to run the script, the code of them repeating the block would be lost. I taught them to use the repeat block and once they understood it, they used it for the rest of their code. "It's all about trial and error," I told them. And so, they experimented with various blocks, each time going back if they didn't like the look of the code.

Here is the result of their code.

I had a great time teaching and telling others of my experiences with TurtleStitch!


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